Authorized Service

for Cameras, Decks, and Monitors

Types of Equipment

Our Video Team specializes in the repair and maintenance of professional, broadcast quality video cameras, decks, monitors, and Pan & Tilt Systems.

Extended Service Contracts

Do you own a large quantity of broadcast or pro video equipment?  Ask us about our extended service contracts to maintain and protect against out of warranty repairs.

Authorized Service & Warranty

We are an authorized service center for Panasonic Pro Broadcast Equipment.  Give us a call for a full list of models we are authorized to service.

Camcorder Repair

We are a high volume service center for High-End, Broadcast, and Prosumer models from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC. We service cameras recording on tapes, optical disk, P2, SD, and SxS cards, including the popular Sony EX1R, EX3, Z7U, F3, F330, and the Panasonic AF100, HMC150, HPX250, HPX500, AG-DVX100, HVX200, and HDX900 models. From drops & spills to routine maintenance, our team is prepared to handle your needs. Click Here for Sony Camcorder Repair.  Click Here for Panasonic Camcorder Repair


Pan, Tilt, Zoom System Repair

We are one of only a few authorized service centers for the Panasonic AK & AW series Cameras, Pan/Tilt Heads and Controllers. Our engineers have been trained at the factory in Yokohama Japan.  Click here for Panasonic PTZ Repair



We service and repair all different format video decks such as DVCPRO, DVCAM, XDCAM, and even the old BETACAM or ¾ U-Matic machines. We are equipped to recap and recondition the old circuit boards which can be a common problem with older models.  Click here for VTR Repair and P2 Deck Repair

Switchers & Mixers

We can repair and refurbish your video production equipment from small desktop video mixers to large studio switchers



Monitors are not usually cost effective to repair.  If you believe that your monitor is suffering from color management issues or broken connectors, our team can usually handle those repairs economically