Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Repair and Service

Why Businesses Use UPS Systems

No matter how simple or complex your electronic devices are, there is one thing that unites them all: they need electricity in order to function. However, there is a big difference between having the lights go out in your house, and having the servers necessary for your business or organization to function suddenly fail. Worse yet, most industrial and business scale electronic and computer equipment is sensitive to the power spikes that often accompany sudden loss of power. You don’t want your equipment to shut down, and you definitely don’t want it to not start back up.

This is why millions of businesses, industrial operations, hospitals, government organizations, and educational institutions rely on high-capacity UPSes—Uninterruptible Power Supplies (or Uninterruptible Power Sources). When the power goes out, UPSes immediately provide emergency backup power, provided by large onboard batteries, allowing operations to continue uninterrupted during short blackouts. In the case of longer power outages, UPS systems give employees and staff time to shut down delicate equipment in a controlled manner, or to transition over to alternate power sources.

The Flexibility of UPS Devices

UPS devices vary greatly in scale, from $20 devices that can power a desktop computer for a few minutes, to systems that cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and can power entire buildings. The necessary scale of a UPS depends upon the scale of the operation which it supports. (To give you an idea of the scalability of such devices: the largest UPS in the world, the creatively-named Battery Energy Storage System, is used as a backup power source for the entire city of Fairbanks, Alaska.)

Given the amount of electricity it takes to run servers—or cities—it should become immediately obvious that repairing UPS systems is extremely dangerous. The components in UPSes can store very high voltages, much like television and computer displays. If this energy is improperly discharged, serious injury can result. This is why Digitron uses only extremely well trained technicians with the proper tools and PPE (personal protective equipment) necessary to repair UPS equipment.

Digitron Services All Shapes (and Sizes!) of UPS Systems

Repairing UPS systems can be a challenge, as they often vary greatly not just in size, but form as well. Due to their broad applications, there is no specified size or form for UPS systems. But generally speaking, uninterruptible power supplies come in two general flavors: tower and rack-mount systems.

Tower models are free-standing units that can be set on a desk, table, or floor, much like a desktop computer tower. Tower models are usually used for smaller applications.

Rack-mount UPSes are the staples of larger networks, servers, and other high-energy systems and infrastructures. Rack-mounts, true to their name, are made to be mounted in racks or other similar enclosures. This allows for more customizable organization, and greater ease in scaling. Some organizations have dozens or hundreds of UPSes that are networked together in order to meet power demands.

As we’ve said, the size and form of UPS systems can vary enormously. But as long as it’s possible for your organization to ship your UPS system to our Southern California repair facility, Digitron can repair your UPS and return it in perfect working order. Some of the more frequent issues we service include blown capacitors, board and hardware issues, and of course, old UPS batteries that no longer hold a charge.

Many Makes and Models of UPS Systems

Many individuals and organizations have a particular brand—or even model—of UPS that they swear by, due to past experience. Perhaps the most well-known and popular UPS models are made by APC, which has been manufacturing UPSes and other electronic devices for over 30 years. But they are certainly not the only brand. Other manufacturers of high-end UPS systems include Tripp Lite, CyberPower, PowerVar, Avocent, Eaton, Emerson, and Liebert. While many of these brands are relatively obscure, some more recognizable companies also manufacture UPS devices, such as Toshiba, Samsung, and General Electric.

We specialize in the repair of a variety of high-capacity UPS systems. A couple examples of those we service include Tripp Lite’s and APC’s Smart and Smart On-Line series of network and server UPS systems. We also have experience in repairing UPSes used to power and protect audio/video systems, medical UPSes for safeguarding patient care, and other models with specialized applications.