Medical Imaging, Equipment, and Electronics Repair Solutions

Our experienced team of repair specialists offers diagnosis and repair services for a wide variety of medical diagnostic equipment. We specialize in the refurbishment of equipment used for the capture and display of visual data. The array of imaging equipment and subsystems we service includes but is not limited to flexible and rigid endoscopes, photographic and video surgical cameras, patient monitoring equipment, endocouplers, control units and video processors, radiology equipment, and monochrome and video diagnostic displays.

Endoscope and Endoscopic Camera Repair

The unavoidable wear and tear on endoscopic CCD cameras can result in a number of different equipment failures. Some of the more common issues our technicians routinely remedy include damaged cables, cracked prisms, console damage, camera fogging, fluid leakage or contamination, fiber optic cable replacement, and more. If you are uncertain as to the source of the problem, we can perform diagnostic testing to pinpoint the failure, and then disassemble and repair or replace the necessary parts. When finished, we clean and rebuild the unit, so that it looks and operates as it did when you first purchased it.

Currently, we service endoscopes and endoscopic cameras produced by manufacturers including Stryker, Olympus, Abbott, Panasonic, Sony, and Siemens.

Surgical Camera Repair

The success of minimally invasive surgical procedures depends upon the optimal performance of surgical cameras used for surgical imaging. As with the imaging systems in endoscopes, the routine use and subsequent sterilization of surgical cameras can result in a variety of problems such as fogging, leaking, lens occlusion, fractured prisms, damage to fiber optic cables, and so on. Our diagnostics and repair specialists are more than capable of fully servicing surgical cameras produced by a number of manufacturers.

There are a number of similarities between endoscopic and surgical cameras, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our expertise with manufacturers of the two is similar as well. Some of the brands of surgical cameras we repair include Stryker, Olympus, Abbott, Panasonic, Sony, and Siemens.

High Resolution Imaging Displays

Accurate assessment and diagnosis requires medical displays in perfect working order that are capable of accurately displaying the imagery captured with state of the art camera and video systems.

High resolution monochrome and color displays are some of the most common—and yet overlooked—pieces of medical equipment in use today. Their applications are broad—they are commonly used for the display of medical imaging produced via CT (computed tomography), CR/DR (computed and direct radiography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), X-ray imaging, mammography, and a number of other technologies.

Additionally, our service technicians are experienced in the service and repair of a large number of makes and models of PACS workstation displays. We’re fully aware of the high cost of medical imaging equipment, and thus recognize the extreme importance of following manufacturer-recommended maintenance and repair procedures in order to maximize the lifespan of your medical displays.

We are an authorized service center for displays manufactured by NEC, and we are also extremely experienced with models produced by Barco, Sony, Panasonic, Steris, and Phillips.

Medical Monitoring Devices

Medical monitoring devices are really the workhorses of medical technology. They often see extended and/or daily use, but are expected to function perfectly for years or even decades. This need is understandable, given the necessity of having accurate information of patient vitals on a constant and consistent basic. But maintenance and repair of patient monitoring devices is of extreme importance.

Such devices, which include heart rate monitors, ECGs/EKGs, glucose and insulin monitors, oxygen saturation monitors, and so on, can be extremely complex pieces of equipment. However, they all have two key things in common: sensors to gather the desired data, and a means for showing the collected data (LCD displays, CRTs, LCD screens, and so on).  Hence we are able to leverage our extensive experience in related technologies to diagnose and repair a wide array of equipment.

Some of the brands of patient monitoring equipment we service include Phillips, GE Healthcare, Abbott, Siemens, Welch Allyn, Datascopic, and Medtronic.

Service Level Agreements & Extended Service Contracts

Medical equipment is always in use, and so long-term maintenance and inspection are necessary in order to assure optimal performance. We offer extended service and repair contracts and Service Level Agreements so that you can be confident that your needs will be met as they arise.