Reverse Logistics Overview

Depot Repair, Product Modification, & More

“We strongly believe in Outsourced Product Lifecycle Management.  Our services like Depot Repair, Product Modification, and Returns Management (RMA) allow you to focus on developing and selling your product without the headaches and costs.”

David Boyajian Business Development, Digitron Electronics

Reverse Logistics Services

Depot Repair

For OEM’s and Manufacturers of A/V and electronic equipment, we operate a ship-in repairs depot.  Whether you need an authorized service center (ASC) or a centralized repairs depot for your nationwide repairs, our state-of-the-art computer system allows us to generate repair orders, take phone calls on your behalf, and track warranty administration to streamline repairs, reduce human resources, and eliminate facility costs.  Click here for Depot Repair

Returns Management (RMA)

Unsold and defective product returned from vendors are often recognized as the most painful parts of doing business.  For many clients, we receive & check package contents, check serial numbers, verify RMA documentation, and then store the units for scrap or refurbishment.  Click here for Returns Management


Under US law, returned product cannot be sold as new, and as such, we help our clients refurbish, and repackage equipment for resale.  We have done mass refurbishments with Korg, Fostex, Tascam, and Sony.  Click here for Refurbishment


For products built overseas, a small modification can be a daunting task.  We specialize in human resources and technical knowledge.  With our expertise, we help keep the cost of hardware & software modifications under control.  Click here for Product Modification

Asset Recovery

Our team is specially equipped to recognize opportunities where we can recover assets from returned & unsellable units, and then re-purpose these parts for customer repairs.  By using our services for RMA, Asset Recovery, and centralize Repair Depot, you can maximize Reverse Logistics efficiency.  Click here for Asset Recovery

Sony Repair Depot